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Corporate Business Success

For the entrepreneur determined to transform their business into an asset

Drive Revenue, Transform Revenue to Profit and Profit to Wealth

Ready to unlock your business’ potential?

Business Coaching, Business Consulting & Financial Planning


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Right Size Your Business Profit

Working with you to Scale your Profit before you Scale your Business so that you create a solid managed growth trajectory and a business that runs like clockwork.

Our ideal client? A small business serving their local community, providing employment, experiencing success in their revenue and looking to understand where their profit is going. We help you right-size your profit to industry standards allowing you to stop under-hiring, stop constantly putting out fires, get out of operations, and find real time freedom so your business finally starts paying off.

How we do this
Our core program for this business owner is called Tradewinds. A bundle of:

  • powerful training in business know-how that wraps around your existing success to help you finally see what you are missing,
  • coaching that helps you get out of your own way and take the time to focus on working “on” the business not just in it,
  • financial analysis to determine what is eating your profit and consuming capital,
  • business planning to fix it all.

Business Coaching and High Performance Coaching

We help overworked entrepreneurs free up their time and prepare to successfully scale by building highly focused business model optimization and providing real advice and support to the CEO that empowers them to lead a values-driven visionary company that attracts customers and employees like a magnet.
Because the biggest bottleneck to your growth? Is trying to do it all yourself.

Business Consulting and Business Planning

  • Focus on your Excellence to build Consistent Revenue
  • Optimize your Business Model to produce healthy Profit
  • Create and Action-and-Execution focused PILOT Business Plan to Activate
  • Tap into Wealth Building Tools and Tax-Wise Options that turn that Profit into Wealth

Optimizing your success creates powerfully fast results to your bottom line and your lifestyle. Book a sounding board session with Cher and find 6-figures in profit you are leaving on the table right now… without having to grow your business… yet.

Corporate Wealth Advisory

What does the New Generation of Wealth Builders look like? If you are a Business Owner or an Incorporated Professional, it could be you!

How? Through tools and options that you may not even know you qualify to activate… Go beyond the one-year financial lens to explore how you can leverage the 9 Pillars of Intentional Wealth to maximize the cash flow you are already generating in order to have exponential results. Book your sounding board session to discover which of these pillars can multiply your efforts and shorten your path to success.

Don’t let holes in your current financial plan for your corporation cause you to miss out on opportunities to build intentional wealth and financial independence. 

We guide our clients toward achieving their financial goals utilizing Corporate and Personal Wealth Building Strategies including our proprietary program Integrated Corporate Life™