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Accelerated Wealth Experience Summit

We want to share with you an event we are holding for incorporated local business owners. Contact us to get on the waiting list for the next Summit! We have 2.5 day and one-day options.

We will be sharing the step-by step roadmap to $10M and the traps and blindspots that sabotage business owners, we have great guest speakers on Systemology and Wealth, a panel of Fractionals (consultants that work to provide C-Suite Level execution within your business) sharing their best myth-busting secrets and case studies, plus networking with some amazing people.

Workshop your business with coaches, consultants, advisors, learn about resources you may have never heard about, network, focus, plan and grow. This is an event not to be missed.

This transformative and empowering event, called the Accelerated Wealth Experience, helps small, incorporated business owners unlock the multimillion-dollar potential of your business. Over the last few years we have realized that our greatest impact is with that business owner who is growing a local business that they are determined to have succeed. 

Why?  The reason we have such a powerful impact with these clients is threefold:

  • They are stuck in the “Doldrums” of business growth and don’t know it,
  • They have proven potential in their business that is just not being unlocked,
  • They are bleeding taxes, leaving money on the table and are unoptimized for the profit and wealth they could be generating already.

Cher, Julie, and Jim have a wealth of experience and real heart for supporting small corporations – as we say “These business owners that are the backbone of our community.” Get the support you need – book your ticket now and unlock all of the bonus resources and services leading up to the event.

  • All pre-event VIP Days
  • Coach & Consultant 90 Minute Vision and Business Model Strategy Session
  • and more (let’s talk!)

Our team at Podium works with owners of growing, successful businesses to provide the wisdom, support and know-how to reach your next level and create Intentional Wealth. Generally, this means unlocking the multimillion-dollar potential of your business while simultaneously freeing you from operations, fire-fighting, and hustle.

This event lays out the roadmap that every SME needs to traverse to reach that multi-million dollar level. It takes your business vision and shows you the path, then identifies the gaps, blindspots, and beliefs and landmines that tend to block or sabotage the growth. For 80% of business owners this growth can lead to failure of the company, for another 16% this leaves them stuck at or below the $1M level… unless they get the support and strategic resources to navigate the gap with intention.

Take the wishing, waiting, and magic out of business growth by seeing how intentional business growth and business development happens.  Step out of a T4 mindset and owning your role as CEO of your company. By the end of the program attendees finally have the answers to “Why isn’t this clicking?” “What am I missing?” “What’s next?”.

The summit starts at 1:30 PM on Friday and runs to 12:30 on Sunday so it requires a minimum time away from your business – we understand that a growing business means time can be a real luxury.
This really could be the event you need to design new intentional results into your business and your life.

Meet the Team

The Alchemist: Cher Cunningham is an incredible business coach and brain hacker – she has helped me make significant shifts in my mindset and business. Cher has a background in marketing, operations and strategic planning that she brings to bear to help you create a powerfully clear vision for your next-level success and then backward-engineer that vision into clear and concrete actions. Cher’s super-powers empower clients with a bias toward confident and bold action to achieve real momentum on growth in both revenue and leadership skills.

The Architect: Jim Pelot has over 30 years of experience as a CFO in companies from small to international. He is a brilliant analyst and consultant who has a knack for making the complex, simple. He also has a real heart for supporting the small local business on their growth path with real business wisdom and advice. Jim’s super-powers are to empower clients to understand the key numbers in their business and use them to make decisions that are based on evidence in order to grow profit from existing revenues, optimize your corporate structure and build your team

The Activator: Julie Muir works to help you activate the tools that reduce and defer taxes, protect and build your wealth. Julie’s super-powers are in negotiation and follow-up as she works for clients to have them qualify for products that are often only available to much larger companies. Building on a foundation of trust and integrity, Julie’s specialty is activating the product support when appropriate to support the wealth engine – corporate insurance & investment strategy implementation.

The Fractionals Panel: Meet a team of consultants who partner with you to fill gaps in skills and know-how that are holding your company back. They will share myth-busting paradigm shifts and stories of how to make the leap from business owner to CEO of a thriving company.