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Cher and Jim – your Coach and Consultant

Let’s Stay Connected

We were delighted to meet you at the AOLS AGM! Our 1″ of Excellence is in helping professional service business owners create a sustainable, profitable business, be great employers, and build the time and financial freedom they want to achieve from their business.

Let’s keep the conversation going and see how we can support you and your team in building the successful business that transforms
Revenue >>> Profit and Profit >>> Wealth through our Business Advisory and Wealth arms:
Tradewinds Group and Podium Prosperity Group.
Discover how you can benefit from working with us as your business advisory board.

How Does Your Business Measure Up?

It was a pleasure to be booked in as a Concurrent Session speaker on Thursday.
Click on the image to download the Slide Deck.

We covered:

  • The Roadmap ALL successful businesses follow,
  • The most common growth challenges,
  • What the heck the “Doldrums” are & why businesses get stuck there, 
  • 3 Key Growth Tracks you cannot neglect, and
  • What to do next… the 5 +2 Levers that move you forward.

Other Free Resources for you to step into your CEO role with intention:

Next Steps Bundle

Book a NorthStar Session and receive a complimentary ticket to Built to Sell. (Be sure to enter AOLS in the comments field when you register.)

NorthStar Session
Get expert eyes on your current business snapshot: financials, profitability, positioning, focus.

  • Understand and tap into a clear and powerful business vision
  • Design with the end in mind – showing how your exit plan focuses your goals
  • Uncover the gold in your current business model
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Determine what is eating capital
  • Plot the next leg of your journey for the year ahead based on your vital needs.

BONUS Ticket to Built to Sell Webinar or in-Person VIP Day
($179 Value)

Build a Business that is proven, process-driven, and profitable even if you never want to sell. (You will love your business so much you would buy it yourself!)
Our clients often wonder: why do business consultants start with the exit plan?! The answer is the same reason you set any goal: when you begin with the end in mind, it helps you make wise decisions today. There are 3 key principles that inform this “exit plan first” philosophy:
  1. You should always run a company as if it will last forever.
  2. The best businesses are sellable (see why below) —even if you have no intention of cashing out or stepping back any time soon.
  3. Once your business can run without you, you’ll have a valuable asset that generates a predictable Return on Sales %.

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