Live well, retire better.

The Podium Advantage

**With the legislative changes implemented in 2018, there are fewer opportunities for business owners to plan for strategic success in retirement.  The Personal Pension Plan will remain as a powerful option.  We would be delighted to discuss it with you.

At Podium Prosperity Group we have a passion for small business.

You may be just starting out in your business venture, be a few years in and growing, or have spent years building a successful business and are now thinking of selling or passing the torch to your adult children who are now ready to take over.  At every phase of business there are challenges.


We truly understand, and are here to help guide you through.  

Jim Pelot CPA, CA has co-founded four companies over the last 15 years in the financial services, high tech and biotech industries.  He has broad capital markets experience, having raised $100M from a variety of private and public sources for his startups.

His experience and expertise extends from:

  • Starting a business from a coffee-shop style office
  • Business growth to a multi-million dollar revenue generating interest
  • Business integration (mergers & acquisitions)
  • Business exit strategies (selling, succession to family).


Small businesses (($500K - $5M) generally acquire their professional services on a piecemeal/adhoc basis which results in:

  1. Unidentified and unmitigated business continuity risk
  2. Inefficient or underutilized planning structures
  3. Inadequate integrated succession and estate planning

As holistic financial advisors, the team at Podium plays a vital role coordinating professional services and solutions for the small business owner/manager to bridge these wealth building aspects of their world.


We have solutions to the following questions and more:

  • In the long run, will I extract more cash through a dividend or salary & integration strategy?
  • What is the best strategy behind the Lifetime Capital gains Exemption (LCGE)?
  • What are my tax deferred cash extraction options?
  • How do I creditor protect my corporation?
  • What is a pipeline strategy, and how does that work with CRA?
  • What is a Personal Pension Plan (PPP)?  Is that the same as the Indpendent Pension Plan (IPP)?
  • Why would I do a corporate estate freeze?  When is the best time to do so?