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Insurance Strategies

A very successful local business went into a tumultuous time when one of the three partners was killed in an accident.  The remaining partners needed to purchase the shares of the deceased partner.  Liquidating assets to do so presented a huge challenge.  This could have been covered in the Buy-Sell Agreement with a corporately held life insurance policy.


If you or your business partner(s) died on the way home from work today, what would need to be solved for the business to carry on?

If one of you were off sick for an extended length of time, how long could your business perform at capacity without that key talent?  How would you adapt while they focussed on recovery?  

Insurance policies are not just to protect in case of death or catastrophic circumstances.  They can also be powerfully utilized in retirement and succession strategies.

It only makes sense to invest in an insurance policy when it makes sense for you and your business strategy.  The team at Podium Prosperity Group will listen to your goals, explore strategies with you and where beneficial, help you to pursue the right options for what is important to you.