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Business coaching is for business owners ready to grow.

Ready to grow your business, and clear on the fact that in order to do that, you will grow in skills, knowledge, wisdom, and leadership; that you will be on a journey to becoming the CEO that can execute on a powerfully focused and clear vision, communicate with clarity and strength, engage a rock-star team, set clear plans and get your people on the same page, understand the important numbers in your business and how to achieve them through intentional governance.

It means that your role in your business changes as you move from Owner-Operator to Owner-Manager and eventually Owner-Leader.

The Team at Podium Prosperity Group is here to support you in turning your business into an asset, achieving success as you define it,
and architecting intentional wealth in both financial and time freedom terms.

As a client, you are entitled to ongoing advice and laser coaching with your coach or mentor throughout the years of your business and beyond.

Periodically you may also benefit from the intensive support available in our Stabilizer or Accelerator level Intentional Wealth programs. These fee-for-service one-year programs provide intensive analysis, strategy, consulting, and coaching to move your business to the next-level with the insight, support and momentum you need.

Third-party perspective, business know-how, strategic thinking, proactive planning and accountability all rolled into a powerful support system for your business growth.