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Business Model Evolution Mini-Course

Find the Gold at the Heart of Your Business…

So that you can scale gold, not garbage.

We’re working on something awesome! (Something that is going to help you regain control of your business, tame the chaos, and start enjoying your business again.)

The Business Model Evolution Mini-Course

Ditch the endless to do lists, cut down on the firefighting, and start feeling (finally) like you’re getting back “on top” of thingswithout learning any new time management or productivity systems.

Sound too good to be true?

The Business Model Evolution Mini-Course is designed to help you stop doing the wrong things so that you can do more of the right things, with greater focus, and less overwhelm. In fact it shares a complete Do-it-Yourself version of our Coach-Consultant Business Model Program that often uncovers 5x to 10x the profit (and hours of time freedom each week) with clients.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • What the heck a business model really is, and how to know if yours is broken
  • The quick and logical fix (that actually involves doing less)
  • Where the “gold” is in your business… and how to double down on it so it shines
  • Where business owners most often go wrong, why it’s not your fault at all, and how to start moving toward a streamlined business that actually feels good

It’s time to hammer out your most profitable and efficient business model so that
you can turn chaos to clarity and grow a business you love!

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