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Creative. Hard Working. Skilled. Passionate.  As an Entrepreneur you understand opportunity and set out to capture it. You value hard work and take pride in the product you make or the service you provide.  Your passion and head for business has brought your company success yet you see earnings eroding due to taxation and other costs. You think “there has to be a better way”. 

“The Podium team really understands business. More importantly, they developed a deep understanding of my business.”  

K. Moore, BCBA, Entrepreneur

As business owners ourselves, we understand. Let our group of knowledgeable and experienced specialists guide you toward achieving your financial goals by utilizing Corporate and Personal Wealth Strategies including our proprietary program Integrated Corporate Life™.

In our clients’ words:

I’ve been looking for this service for years, and it is nowhere to be found – except at Podium Prosperity Group. Now, whenever I have a question about my finances or wealth, I know exactly who to ask. Jim knows his stuff, and anyone looking for next-level advice would be wise to work with him.”

“Jim’s deep dive into my business model and financial analysis has enabled us to work together to create a comprehensive plan – this has helped build an amazing level of certainty into our lives. Now Cindy and I have real advice from which to make confident decisions as we expand and grow – advice that reflects the asset we have built with our company and takes into account our lifestyle needs and dreams. Now I know that my business is becoming a legacy I can pass down to my children..”

“I’m so grateful that the team at Podium took the time to get to understand the complexity of my business holistically. They were able to proactively identify opportunities I hadn’t, and help me uncover a profit-driven business model and a marketing plan to help me focus on my key solutions.

Knowing my 3 key financial numbers to watch (and exactly how to measure and manage them) means that I now know exactly where my business stands week to week. I feel back in control of my business, and can finally breathe easily again.”

“The wisdom and knowledge that Podium Prosperity Group brings to the table have completely transformed my business and my life. Having them in my court helps me make the rapid and wise decisions that are key to keeping me focused and building momentum in my business. I am so much more confident in my ability to lead, and to achieve my goals and dreams moving forward.”