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Dumb Money!!!

  • Cher 

Richard Thaler is considered by many to be the grandfather of the emerging field of Behavioural Economics. Recently, the New York Times ran an editorial wherein Mr. Thaler and a colleague examined the underlying investing behaviours in the recently released David vs Goliath movie “Dumb… Read More »Dumb Money!!!

Your Year in Review 2022

  • Cher 

The Question: What should business owners review at the end of the year? Year End Review as Feedback: The purpose of your Year End Review is an opportunity to collect the data you need in order to make good business decisions moving forward. At this… Read More »Your Year in Review 2022

Prequel – Corporate Shareholders Agreement

  • Cher 

Prequel – watch this with your business partners before watching the 7 D Framework of Corporate Shareholders’ Agreements. ​​Start the discussion with your Corporate business partners to see the value of Shareholders’ Agreement that matches your intentions.