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Want to get there quicker?

  • Cher 

It is almost always most tax efficient to hold insurance policies corporately. A Dollar Saved is Two Dollars Earned In David Chilton’s book The Wealthy Barber, the character Roy Miller quips “A dollar saved is two dollars earned”.  This catchy phrase, adopted and referenced in numerous… Read More »Want to get there quicker?

Teaching Children About Money

  • Cher 

Financial literacy is an essential life skill. Teaching children how to manage money will help them throughout their lives. Teach Them Well In the song `Greatest Love of All` made popular by the late Whitney Houston, there is a stanza that says “I believe children are our… Read More »Teaching Children About Money

Your Health is your Wealth

  • Cher 

Being financially prepared can improve your health. We all talk about stress, but we are not always clear about what it is. This is because stress comes from both the good and the bad things that happen to us. Stress becomes a problem when we… Read More »Your Health is your Wealth

Eye of the Storm.

  • Cher 

This is a call to action. Sunday, the New York Times published an article titled “Surviving Covid-19 May Not Feel Like Recovery for Some”. The gist of the article (byline Italy) is that, even for many of those who were not hospitalized with the virus,… Read More »Eye of the Storm.


  • Cher 

We are living through extraordinary times. A time of great challenge being met through front line health care workers and first responders to whom we already owe a tremendous debt of gratitude; federal and provincial government initiatives; collaboration between and within businesses and of course… Read More »COVID-19 GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS