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Corporate Wealth Secrets IW Pillar 1

  • Cher 

The Question: Can you really plan for wealth? Isn’t it something that just happens (or doesn’t)?

The Intentional Wealth Framework:

Absolutely you can plan for wealth. It is not something that just happens or doesn’t; it’s something you do on purpose. At Podium Prosperity, we developed the Intentional Wealth Framework to guide our clients through the process of transforming their business into a wealth engine and planning for wealth.

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Pillar 1 – Design

Pillar 1 – Design:

The first pillar of the IW Framework is Design. This is not about your business plan or your service model. This is about hammering down why you’re building your business, and establishing what mindsets and beliefs you’re bringing to the table as your move forward.

The 3 Aspects of Design:

1. Lifestyle

Your business should be designed to fuel the lifestyle you desire. How do you want to live? What does your dream life look like? What lifestyle does your wealth currently support? What needs to change? What does your business need to look like in order to continue to support your dream lifestyle past retirement?

2. Legacy

Just like your lifestyle, you can intentionally design your legacy, instead of hoping that there’s enough leftover. How do you want to give? What do you care about? What impact do you want to have? We help you plan first then activate the smartest, tax-wise, ways to plan for your legacy so that it is of an even greater impact.

3. Leadership

The most profitable 4% of business owners see themselves as leaders and their businesses as assets. Are you prepared to envision your business as a saleable asset, to step out of operations and busy work, and to begin to step more fully into your role as leader of a profitable wealth engine? What do you need to learn and believe in order to make that transition?

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