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My grandmother was a wonderful woman. She had 8 children and lived to be an amazing 98 years old. She was a talented pianist who, even at an advanced age, entertained the other residents of her nursing home.

This painting is of the home my grandmother, along with my grandfather, built in Ottawa in 1920. A modest home for a couple of modest means. We are happy to have this reminder of them and their achievements. Sadly, our children – her great grandchildren, do not know her and the memory of my grandmother will end after only two generations.

A lifetime of hard-earned wealth and the lessons you�ve learned along the way are wasted if not shared. How do you want to be remembered? What story do you want told now and in the future? Your life�s work can have immediate impact and for generations to come. We can help.

Written by Jim Pelot, B.Comm, CPA, CA; CFO and Co-founder of Podium Prosperity Group.

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