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A financial plan isn’t static – just like your business isn’t static. Whether you are many years from retirement, nearing this transition phase, or already retired and thinking about your estate planning, we can help. When you started your business, your plan may have consisted of little more than a plan to grow something fabulous and then sell it or pass it on to your adult children. As your business expands and net worth grows, there is a greater need for a comprehensive plan to uncover and address potential risks to one’s financial well-being. 

Planning ahead will make your current life stage less stressful. Having plans in place will allow you to breathe easier knowing you’ve resolved potential issues before they arise, and that you won’t leave the people you care about scrambling as they try to understand and negotiate your unstated wishes. 

If you closed your business today, what would that look like?  Through our Intentional Wealth philosophy and proprietary Integrated Corporate Life program, we explore your goals, and work with you to design the current and future financial footing based on your reality.

“Jim continues to provide ongoing support and advice allowing us to expand our knowledge and continue to meet our financial needs and expectations”

R. Costigan, President, Richmin Developments

Tell us your story. We’ll listen. Your financial plan should be as unique as you and your business are.