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Individual Pension Plans


You have spent years building. You’ve poured your heart and your profits into creating and growing a successful business.  Now you’re looking forward to thoughts of retirement and want to ensure you get the value back out.  Additionally, you don’t want to give up lifestyle today to enjoy lifestyle in retirement. 

The Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a savings plan registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. An IPP allows business owners to shelter more savings while playing a key role in your financial and retirement security.  It’s a defined benefit pension plan your company can set up for you (think teachers, government employees, the pension plans the early baby boomers enjoyed with larger employers like Canada Post and automakers.) Bonus – pension plans are creditor protected!

Is the Personal Pension Plan right for you?

You are:

  • aged 40-71 with an incorporated business you have owned for a number of years
  • incorporated and taking T4 income (or are able to switch from dividends to T4 for the remainder of your in-business years).
  • you have unused RRSP room, which can be used as tax-deductible Past Service contribution room
  • in a retained earnings position to contribute as much or more than your current RRSP contribution room (your business can contribute increased funding, over what you could to your RRSP, resulting in a higher pension plan balance for your retirement.

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