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We understand that your Personal Life and your Corporate Life are intertwined financially. We know that, if you are like most business owners or professional corporations, your Personal Wealth Strategy is not integrated with your Corporate Wealth Strategy causing you to miss out on opportunities to build TRUE financial independence.

That’s why we created Integrated Corporate Life™ or ICL. Integrated Corporate Life™ is a comprehensive, multi-phase program designed to create a single Wealth Strategy that will guide you toward achieving your financial goals, both personal and corporate, in an efficient and effective manner.

“Jim helped me identify opportunities where I could save money, get better coverage and increase the tax efficiency of my Professional Corporation.” 

A Indar, MD

The ICL Program includes a detailed analysis of your corporate and personal finances; full coordination and collaboration with your accountant and lawyer; tried and true solutions customized to your particular situation; and on-going wealth management advisory services.

Private Wealth Management. For the New Generation of Wealth Builders.