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Intentional Wealth Programs

Now you can stop saying “This is going to be my year.” and finally make it happen… transform your business into the wealth engine that fuels your lifestyle, your retirement, your impact and legacy.

There is a reason all of those cliches became cliches!

  • “Work smarter, not harder.”
  • “What got you here, won’t get you there.”
  • “Stop working IN the business and start working ON the business.”

The problem is, these are all obviously true… and also meaningless. They lead to questions instead of answers:

“What does Work Smarter mean for me, today, in my particular situation?”

“What needs to change, and how, in order to ‘Get There’? …and where exactly is THERE?!”

“How can I work ON my business when my time is eaten up by dealing with clients, putting out fires, dealing with the growth? where do I find the time? the energy?”

If you have been stretched too thin, wishing you had more time, dreaming of cloning yourself, needing more support, and more profit to show for the hours that you have been putting in, I am so excited that you are here!

THIS is how to create an incredibly powerful business that launches you into the next level so that you finally achieve time and financial freedom.

(so that you have an impact – not just in business, but also in your family and in your community.)

Intentional Wealth Programs Designed to meet you where you are at and take you through that Invisible transition:

The TRADEWINDS PROGRAM is a 6-month coaching, consulting and mentorship program engineered for sales, profit, and positioning.

Stop putting Profit last.

Stop the frantic Sell it – Do it, Sell it – Do it Cycle.

Stop the Hustle and Burnout.

Stop Putting out Fires.

  • Double-down on your greatest value,
  • Identify the best solution, best client, best process for highest profit,
  • Position yourself to be the go-to business for your solution,
  • Do the deep inner work and develop powerful confidence in your plans and leadership,
  • Powerful focus on a 10x vision that generates free time,
  • Achieve concrete results—because metrics matter,
  • Be mindful wherever you are – at work, with kids show up and be present – be alive!
  • Connect with the Team to create inspiration, accountability and encouragement to gain momentum and make the leap.

Reaching your Next-Level requires some significant shifts in paradigms and business model so that you Break Through instead of Breaking Down.

The good news is, making this quantum leap—going from you to you2 as Price Pritchett would say—means accomplishing far more, in less time, with less effort than you’ve been giving.

The GALE-FORCE PROGRAM is a 12-month coaching, consulting and mentorship program engineered for scale, systems, wealth.

Stop Putting out Fires

Stop the Sleepless Nights

Stop Second-Guessing

Stop Random Acts of Capital Spending

Stop the Circular Firing Squad Approach!

  • All of the results from TRADEWINDS (as needed) +
  • Identify and Clear Bottlenecks
  • Create the Systems that Free You from Operations
  • Use the tools that accelerate and protect your wealth
  • Create a Solid Plan for Growth based on Data-Driven Analysis
  • Start Building Your Next-Level Team
  • Master your Calendar
  • Apply Governance to Ensure You ARE on Track
  • Take a 4-week Vacation

We all know that business failure doesn’t come from starting a business, it comes from growing a business – unintentional, poorly timed, from reactivity instead of planned and proactive.

Reaching your Next-Level from Stable to Scaleable is a combination of skills, timing, financial wisdom, marketing and collaboration so that you Scale Up instead of Burning Down.

This 12-month-long deep coaching & consulting program is engineered to scale and accelerate. What if you could achieve your 3-year vision this year? With less work, more fun, more energy and excitement, more FLOW, more skill, more clarity, and more support?

You have proven you can create a viable business.

Let’s make it one in which you generate intentional wealth and time freedom.

Start by booking a Sounding Board Session today.

In our clients’ words:

I’ve been looking for this service for years, and it is nowhere to be found – except at Podium Prosperity Group. Now, whenever I have a question about my finances or wealth, I know exactly who to ask. Jim knows his stuff, and anyone looking for next-level advice would be wise to work with him.”

“Jim’s deep dive into my business model and financial analysis has enabled us to work together to create a comprehensive plan – this has helped build an amazing level of certainty into our lives. Now Cindy and I have real advice from which to make confident decisions as we expand and grow – advice that reflects the asset we have built with our company and takes into account our lifestyle needs and dreams. Now I know that my business is becoming a legacy I can pass down to my children..”

“I’m so grateful that the team at Podium took the time to get to understand the complexity of my business holistically. They were able to proactively identify opportunities I hadn’t, and help me uncover a profit-driven business model and a marketing plan to help me focus on my key solutions.

Knowing my 3 key financial numbers to watch (and exactly how to measure and manage them) means that I now know exactly where my business stands week to week. I feel back in control of my business, and can finally breathe easily again.”

“The wisdom and knowledge that Podium Prosperity Group brings to the table have completely transformed my business and my life. Having them in my court helps me make the rapid and wise decisions that are key to keeping me focused and building momentum in my business. I am so much more confident in my ability to lead, and to achieve my goals and dreams moving forward.”