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Investing in Uncertain Times

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Uncertain markets can challenge the discipline of even the most committed investor. Have a plan, stick to it, and be patient.

Uncertain markets can challenge the discipline of even the most committed investor. 

Rest assured that our portfolios are diversified across various economies, businesses, countries and investment classes – spreading the risk and helping to smooth out returns.

As with all critical decisions, especially during turbulent times, it is important not to let emotions impact your decisions about money. Instead, rely on investment fundamentals and stick to your long term plan.

We manage your wealth on the downside through a disciplined, balanced approach. In less exciting times for investors, downside protection is a key attribute in all of our portfolios. Downside protection is a risk management strategy that attempts to reduce the frequency and magnitude of losses in a portfolio through multi-asset investing.

A well-managed, multi-asset solution deploys strategies in a broad range of asset classes with the goal of both generating the extra, long-term performance and mitigating volatility that is vital in a world of low interest rates. Strategies may include investing in alternative* and private sector investments – non-correlated to public markets – offering additional safeguards against wealth erosion.

Principals of Investing Success
– Diversification including alternative* markets 
– Thinking long term
– Employing downside protection
– Taking advantage of opportunities
– Avoiding emotional decision making

In a time of uncertainty, we remain committed to providing on-going portfolio management services. We are diligently working on behalf of our clients to manage their portfolios with the most sensible and practical approach.

By applying the principals of investing success, we help you manage risk through all market conditions.

*private investments, REITs, cash value insurance products, etc. 

Written by Susan Walker (Stonebrooke Private Wealth Management) – reproduced with permission

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