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Invisible Business Transitions

  • Cher 

Survival, Stable, Scaleable, Saleable

Business success takes you through predictable transitions. Changes in your business that can feel like failure, or like hitting a wall but are actually signals that it is time to take your business to the next level.

Business growth is not incremental. If you feel stuck, feel like you have hit a wall, are working too many hours, taking home less pay as you work harder… these could all be signs of success.


These could be signs that it is time to transition to a next level, next business model in your success…. and until you do, you will be maxed out, stressed out, overwhelmed… you get the picture. Find out if this is what is happening for you, or equip yourself for when your success does reach this level.

This can include changing your business model, your organization chart, your own activities, your business plan and marketing plan so that you evolve to match the success you have built.

Discover how this awareness can help you move through the phases more proactively and thoughtfully.

Grab the takeaways sheet here.

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