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It’s How you Get There – The Intentional Wealth Framework – Pillar 2

  • Cher 

The Question: I know my “why” from Pillar 1 – now what?

The Intentional Wealth (IW) Framework (recap):

The Intentional Wealth Framework is the proprietary model we use with our clients to guide them through the process of planning for wealth. Last week we talked about Pillar 1: Design, where we introduced the Framework, so check that out for a recap.

Pillar 2 – Foundation:

The Foundation pillar of the IW Framework is where you intentionally plan out the how of your business.

This means less putting out fires, and more peace of mind.
Less trying to catch up, and wise, intentional growth.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “What am I missing?” – Pillars 1 and 2 are the places to find your answers.

The 3 Aspects of Foundation:

1. Planning

Many business owners dodge the planning process, but planning is where business owners are able to get strategic in shaping the trajectory of their business growth and success, and it is essential. Where are you now? What are your goals? What roadmap will get you there? What data supports that? What data is missing and needs to be collected?

2. Team

The members of your Advisory Team–accountant, legal, HR, financial, plus your coach and mentor–will shift and change as you grow. Ask yourself: Who am I keeping on my team solely out of a sense of obligation? Where do I need more specialized knowledge? What advice/skills are missing from my team? What is the team that can get me where I’m going?

3. Governance

Governance is about leadership. How do you stay on top of what’s happening in your business? What governance procedures and structures do you need in order to formalize your oversight processes? What information/data do you need to be regularly reviewing? How often? In what format?

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