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Micro-CFO Consulting

Business owners benefit from the analysis, training, and advice available in our Micro-CFO services – as part of one of our Intentional Wealth Programs.

We meet you where you are at and equip you with the skills, understanding and wisdom to really know your numbers.

This means working with your bookkeeper and accountant to ensure that your General Ledger is set to feed you the data and decision making information you need to keep your business on track proactively.

We identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – the 3-5 key numbers that matter to you in order to build toward the success you are creating – how to interpret those numbers and take action on them.

We dive deep into the bottom-line: breakeven, product-line profitability, project-level profitability as we tease out the margins and help you become efficient and intentionally build wealth (profit/retained earnings/cash-flow) in your corporation.