Live well, retire better.

Our Approach

What keeps you up at night?  Dreams?  Nightmares?

  • are you on the right track financially?
  • are you stressed about your savings & investments?
  • ar eyou unsure of your retirement plan?

At Podium Prosperity Group, our approach to help you achieve your goals is defined by three ongoing phases:

Develop - Manage - Protect

Whether you are 20, 25, 40, planning for retirement or enjoying retirment, you are in a stage of this mobius strip.


Where are you today?

At Podium Prosperity Group we believe wealth planning is an ongoing process.  Perhaps you've started planning and saving already but aren't sure if you are on target to meet your goals.  Do you know what it takes to achieve the retirement life of your dreams?



What is your number?  How much do you actually need to retire?

Where are you today?  What are you actually worth?  How close are you to your goal?

Can you retire early?  How does that change your number?

How do you know?  Our preliminary analysis will clarify these answers for you.



Are you ready for IF?

What if unexpected change alters your plan? 


Negative Impacts - illness, disability, death

- do you need insurance or will your savings cover your financial needs?


Positive Impacts - lottery winning, inheritance, sale of business or other assets

- when should you cancel your personal insurance (life, disability, critical illness)?





Which of the scenarios below reflects your current stage of planning?


Scenario 1:

My net worth now is ...

I want to be at...    by age...


Scenario 2:

I want to leave $.... for my child(ren), spouse, favourite charity.

I don't know how to most effectively achieve that.

Does my will take care of all that?

How will final taxes impact delivery of my wishes?


Scenario 3:

I've started pieces of my plan but don't know if I've covered all the bases to reach my goal.