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Intentional Wealth Advisor

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Employee benefits can be a key piece of your complete human resources program to Attract, Incent, Retain, and Reward your employees – establishing you as an employer of choice. 

Which package is best for you right now? Sam is versed in group benefits including; health, dental, life & disability as well as benefits such as health & wellness spending accounts for firms of all sizes and industries. Sam works to help firms fully engage their employees while managing their bottom line.

Sam provides services to your employees enrolled in your benefits plans. Creating the win-win-win formula of an employee that is active in your programs makes this investment pay off for employers – forming a deeper loyalty and connection to your company.

Sam’s passion is in democratizing wealth – giving them the plan, the education, and the advice they deserve so that they can create the lifestyle and the retirement they desire from where they are. This added depth of service and support activates the real benefit of benefits. Imagine employees fired back up by the ability to design and live a rich life because of the choice you made as their employer.

“While benefits are for the health of the employee, the service we provide is for the health of the company.”