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Services & Solutions

Podium Prosperity Group offers (1) consulting services (advice only) as well as (2) product brokerage and (3) referral services.

We are completely independent of any supplier and maintain a vast product shelf. This enables us to recommend solutions uniquely suited to each and every client.

By contrast, "Shop Advisors" (advisors who represent one particular company), are obligated to offer you only the solutions that company provides, even if there is a better solution available through another provider.  At Podium Prosperity Group we believe that independence provides the best solutions for our clients.  

Some clients come to us with the desire to engage in a single service (to address a specific insurance need, or with a specific investment request).  Yes, we can help with that.

We know that insurance and investment are only two pieces of your financial puzzle.  Once a comprehensive plan is established and implemented based on your current situation and future goals, these puzzle pieces can be more accurately tuned, making your plan FAR more powerful in reaching your long term goals.


Does success land in your lap by design, or by default?  With a plan, your chance of success is logically much greater.  With a coach to help you implement - even better!  The base to our consulting service is to help you establish clarity on your current picture - what is missing or needs to be implemented, and who needs to be involved to make this best happen.    

We provide solid and comprehensive written financial plans.  You will receive a copy to refer back to at any time.  These plans will change.  As part of our long term relationship with you, we will work with you to coach as needed and adjust your plan as life happens. 


In the greater context of your plan, there will sometimes be need for insurance (either as protection for specific needs or as legacy investment strategy)  for financial restructuring or investment products.  We have a vast network of providers to ensure your access to specific tools for success.  

You will find the "product" companies we currently work with at the foot of our home page.  We have access to many more.  Should we discover that another company would serve your needs better, we would be delighted to establish a relationship with them. 


If you already have professionals in your space and are happy with them, we would be delighted to work with them once provided with your written authorization.  Should you need connection with specific professionals to assist in the implementation of your plan (lawyer, tax accountant, mortgage specialist, etc.), we are able to refer you to professionals we have vetted and found competent, honest and ethical.