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Diane Rusk
Financial Advisor

Diane is an independent advisor with over 20 years experience. Her clients get to see first-hand, the care and genuine interest she has in their personal and business lives.

Most of all, Diane has a passion for the hard-working, creative-thinking Entrepreneur! 

As an entrepreneur herself (ask her about Dragon’s Den), Diane can relate to the    busy-ness of running your own business and being the ”wearer” of many hats!   Her clients appreciate having her as their financial mentor.  Diane takes the time to understand their concerns and goals, so that they feel financially protected today and are on a clear path for the future.

“I find entrepreneurs tend to be the BIG thinkers, they often take risks and tend to be the “helpers” of the world. They are just FUN to work with.”

Diane and her husband Marty enjoy the simple, country living. Fresh air, trees and beautiful sunsets.

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