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The 4% Business Owner

  • Cher 

The entrepreneur determined to transform their business into an asset.

When you first started in business, typically, it was because you were good at a “thing” – a product, a service, a process – that you knew would make…

When you first started in business (typically) it was because you were good at a “thing” – a product, a service, a process – that you knew would make a difference in the marketplace, right?

And you knew that you did that thing well.

Over the last few years, you have proven that to be true.

You are generating revenue, you may have some great team members – you have a proven concept!

What’s next?

While many entrepreneurs hope to one day sell their business, they don’t often launch their business with that in mind. They begin as owner-operators… they are the ones doing the doing. They have the secret sauce, the value, inside their heads.

As the entrepreneur achieves success though –  they realize the have built something “real”.  Something they can leverage. 
At that point is when they experience the fact that business is an evolution – with transitions they need to be aware of that call for a change in their business model, their structure, their organizational chart! and their own personal growth.
In order to build a business you could one day sell – you need to move from owner-operator, through owner-manger (stepping out of operations) and then to owner-leader (out of the day-to-day so that your business does not rely on you).

Join Jim and Cher as they discuss – what is a 4% business owner, and what are the keys and characteristics of this empowered individual.
(and grab the key takeaways sheet in the link below the video).

Key Takeaways pdf

We assist clients in powering up the wealth engine that is their business – helping you navigate those transitions from Owner-Operator all the way to Owner-Leader. Our virtual advisory board team provides micro-CFO analysis, strategy, leadership development and the tools you need to grow and protect your wealth to fuel your lifestyle, your impact, and your legacy.

Connect with our CXO Cher Cunningham – you deserve to start positioning your business as an asset today. (yes, you are ready!)

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