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The “Magic” Tool for Business Success

  • Cher 

The Question: What is the number one key to achieving real success in my business? Answered from two different directions by the Coach (Cher) and the Consultant (Jim).

Just (Don’t) Do It!

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Counter-intuitive as it may seem, that thing that you are so great at… that is the foundation of your company… that you do the best… Stop doing it! Stop doing it yourself.

The key to building a business bigger than you is to get out of operations and

start Working ON the Business not just IN the Business.

Key Takeaways

From whatever direction you approach it – the people, the motivation or the numbers and processes – you end up at the same place.

Business success needs you – needs you investing some regular time on that success.

Classic Management Theory tells us there are four aspects that need your time:

  • Plan (the Cornerstone)
  • Organize
  • Direct
  • Control

The Consultant states – your planning drives everything – it takes your from the Why to the How and into the Who-What-When-Where as well as being the place to analyze profitability, measure your key numbers to you can track growth.

From the Coaching side this means designing a business that will first and foremost fulfill your lifestyle needs and achieve its differentiators from you: Your process yes – and also your Corporate Values (which align with your values), your Strengths, your Value and your Desired Impact.

Who you are being changes

The Consultant says: your roles in the business change as your start to fill the Organizational Chart with clear and empowered roles. This frees you up for $1000 tasks.

The Coach agrees and adds that your identity also changes as you move from Owner-Operator to Owner-Manager and then Owner-Leader. The company can only grow as big as you grow yourself.

The boundaries & decisions you set are what lead to time and financial freedom.

Make the time to work ON the Business.

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