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The Wealth Life Cycle Overview – Part I

  • Cher 

At Podium Prosperity group we are all about business but in particular we are passionate about small business.

All businesses and their owners tend to progress along a continuum. Not always in size beyond the early stages of development but always towards the creation of wealth and crystallization of value. The work we do for clients recognizes the stage that they are in the development of their business. Each stage of has a business profile, typical financial results and tends to be matched to the lifestyle that the owner(s) are experiencing. We call the continuum the ‘Wealth Life Cycle’.

Every business and business owner we work with is unique. Having said that, each business can also be positioned on the Wealth Life Cycle into one of four groups that share a common suite of financial challenges and opportunities. The groups generally reflect the time to or since the owner has transitioned or exited the business, which is the point at which the latent value of their life’s work crystallizes. Start ups to the left, retirees to the right.

Over the next four posts we will examine the commonalities that each of these groups share and the type of challenges and opportunities that can be addressed.

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Submitted by Jim Pelot, B.Comm, CPA, CA; CFO and Co-Founder of Podium Prosperity Group and p|w|m Advisory Group

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