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“What” Creates Wealth from Profit – Intentional Wealth Pillar 3

  • Cher 

The Question: I know my “why”, I’ve built my “how” – team, plans, governance that help me escape the survival trap and create profits… when does the wealth come into play? Real wealth that includes both time freedom and financial freedom.

Pillar 3 – Build:

The Build pillar is where the rubber hits the road in terms of creating and managing your Intentional Wealth. Here, the design and foundation planning produce profit that create meaningful wealth both financially and in time freedom.

Profit + Tools + Time = Wealth

Grab the key takeaways as a pdf file here.

This concludes the 3 part series. Many of the steps to unlocking the multi-million dollar potential of your business seem counter-intuitive and even down-right scary. And indeed growth is what kills companies. Growth that is poorly managed because of lack of business know-how and advice.

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