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Your Health is your Wealth

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Being financially prepared can improve your health.

We all talk about stress, but we are not always clear about what it is. This is because stress comes from both the good and the bad things that happen to us. Stress becomes a problem when we are not sure how to handle an event or a situation. Then worry sets in, and we feel stressed.

national survey conducted by Leger on behalf of the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) found that 42% of Canadians rank money as their greatest stress. The report stated that Canadians with comprehensive financial plans reported higher levels of financial well-being, emotional well-being, and overall contentment than those without a plan.

The study went on to state that individuals with comprehensive financial plans:

� Feel more on track with their financial goals and retirement plans

� Feel their ability to save is vastly improved

� Are more confident that they can deal with financial challenges in life, and

� Are better able to indulge in their personal spending goals.

Some stress is fine, however chronic stress has been linked to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, immune complications and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Taking steps towards better financial preparedness can help you feel more in control and relieve stress thereby minimizing health risks.

We’re here to help. Let our team of knowledgeable and experienced Wealth Specialists create a customized Wealth Strategy to help guide you toward achieving your financial goals and to Live Well. Retire Better.

Contributed by Susan Walker, CHS

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